Serving Atlantic Canada for over 95 years

The history of K&D Pratt dates back to 1922. 

J.C. Pratt & Co. Ltd. was founded in Newfoundland & Labrador as a brokerage operation representing various product lines from the United Kingdom and Canada.  The Company prospered by providing supplies and services to the Newfoundland & Labrador marketplace, eventually becoming one of the largest wholesale distributors in the region.  While offering a superior service department, technical expertise, and in-field training; key to the Company’s success was an unsurpassed focus on customer service.

J.C. Pratt grew by taking on new product lines and developing expertise in targeted industry sectors, namely fire, safety, service and offshore oil and gas.  In 1998, the Company was purchased by AMI Offshore, which was subsequently acquired by Aliant, and renamed to AMI Pratt.

Meanwhile, K&D Industries was founded in Nova Scotia in 1972 to serve the industrial supply needs of the local business community.  K&D Industries built a reputation as a quality, full-line industrial and construction products supplier.  In 1999, AMI Pratt purchased K&D Industries.  AMI Pratt and K&D Industries amalgamated in January of 2000 to form K&D Pratt.  This amalgamation also included another AMI division, Tubecraft, an established Instrumentation business supplying pipes, valves, fittings and instrumentation (PVFI) products in Newfoundland & Labrador .

In December 2001, Aliant sold its interest to its partner ASCO plc, a leader in the provision of world-class logistics and supply chain solutions.  Headquartered in Aberdeen, Scotland, ASCO plc had existing Canadian operations, ASCO Canada, in St. John’s, Newfoundland & Labrador.  The move to acquire a majority interest in K&D Pratt signaled the Company’s desire to expand its Canadian operations in not only geographical but also operational scope. 

K&D Pratt Group Inc. was formed in November 2003 when a group of local investors purchased the business from ASCO plc.  The current ownership of K&D Pratt Group Inc. rests with Andrew Bell President of Abell Group, to which K&D Pratt Group Inc. falls under.

In November 2015, K&D Pratt Group Inc. purchased Levco Fire & Safety, followed by the purchase of Braemar Fire & Safety in January 2016.  The acquisition of these reputable and well established fire and safety companies in Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island increased K&D Pratt’s service offering across Atlantic Canada.


As one of our top preferred suppliers, KD Pratt continuously provide us with value added service that exceeds our expectations. The employees of KD Pratt become extremely familiar with the products they represent and use this expertise to provide solutions to their customers needs. I would not hesitate to recommend KD Pratt for the supply and service of sanitation products for any project in any organization.
— LORI HOLLETT, Chief Buyer, North Atlantic
A successful operation relies on the products and services provided by a supplier. In my experience, I have found that K&D Pratt goes out of their way to ensure that their service is as good as their products. This places them at the top of the list of suppliers who pay attention to the products they sell and the service they provide. I can honestly say that they are a pleasure to work with.
— - RORY WORBOYS, Regional Director of Housekeeping and Laundry, Central Health