March 19, 2015


For Immediate Release


K&D Pratt Group Inc. Celebrates 2000 Days of No Lost Time


Mount Pearl, NL – March 9th, 2015 marks 2000 days that K&D Pratt is operating under no lost time.  This is a significant achievement for K&D Pratt.


Zero recordable incidents require focus, dedication and vigilance to our safety program and culture.  Our safety practices are not only important in our workplace, but they are equally important in all aspects of our daily life.  Ensuring that we are all working in a safe environment is everyone’s responsibility and we are proud that we have all embraced our positive culture. 


Andrew Bell, President of K&D Pratt Group Inc. states “The positive safety culture we have established here at K&D Pratt encourages all employees to participate in the HSE program and management support reinforces the culture.  From the top down all employees are committed to H&S which is reflected in this milestone achievement.  If it wasn’t for the dedication and respect of all employees, contractors, suppliers and our clients, we could not have reached this achievement!”


Days are tracked through monthly safety summary forms as well as logged through the annual HSEQ plan calendar.  Amanda McEvoy, HSEQ Manager at K&D Pratt Group Inc. explains further “K&D Pratt has an H&S program that is COR Certified and externally registered by the NLCSA.  We have various safe work procedures and forms in place to provide all employees the safest way to complete their tasks and we provide a high level of training for all employees as well.”

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